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Smoking Rose Petals: When Smoking Is Literally Sexy

A flower soaking wet in symbolism, rose may be the ultimate herbal aphrodisiac. When you smoke rose petals, smoking is literally sexy, but it's not just because roses are so imbued with seduction and romance. Rose, as an herb, has some actions on both the mind and the body that allow us to literally get down to it with ease and excitement. So let's get down to it!

Aphrodisiac Effects of Smoking Rose Petals

Rose is a nervine, which means it’s an herb that has an affinity for the nervous system and calms nervous tension. This helps your body feel settled and relaxed, and a relaxed body is going to be a more comfortable body in the bedroom.

Rose petals also have an affinity for the heart, offering feelings of protection and comfort, especially during times of emotional vulnerability. This is all going to make it easier to open up to and accept yourself, a partner, or partners.

Additionally, these heart-centered emotional actions are going to help ease feelings of loneliness. If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day and aren’t feeling very enthused about that, rose petals can help you feel more cozy in both your body and in your emotional center.

Rose, specifically the petals, is also what’s known as an exhilarant herb. Exhilarants, as often categorized in old herbal literature, are strongly uplifting to the spirit and just make you feel more full of love. And when your heart is full of love, you’re better suited to both give and receive love.

Rose Petal Smoke Properties

Now that we know how smoking rose petals is going to make us feel, let's talk about how well rose petals smoke and what it tastes like.

Rose petals are astringent, and astringent herbs add body to smoking blends. A full-bodied smoke is going to be smoother and feel more satisfying than a blend without much heft to it, and you'll be less likely to cough.

This means grinding rose petals up with your cannabis or other smokable herbs, as long as you don't overdo it, is only going to make your smoke better!

Smoking rose petals gives a subtly sweet and, of course, floral and rose-y flavor that you’ll taste the most upon exhaling. The characteristic fragrance and flavor of rose petals comes primarily from a terpene called geraniol. Rose petals typically also contain citronellol and nerol.

You can make anything you smoke an instant aphrodisiac blend with our rose petal cones: empty smoking cones made of organic red rose petals and rice paper that are ready to fill with herbs of your choosing. This makes it super easy to just pack, puff, and play.

Rose pairs very well with damiana, another smokable herb aphrodisiac with woodsy, full-bodied flavor, so we recommend filling our rose cones with our Signature Smoke blend to up your floral friskiness.

What Types Of Roses Can You Smoke?

There are several species of rose that grow great smokable petals, so when herbalists talk about working with rose, depending on the context, they’ll tend to just say “Rosa spp.”

In biology, writing "Rosa spp." refers to any species of the genus Rosa. The abbreviation "spp." stands for the Latin term "species pluralis" and means multiple species within a genus. So "Rosa spp." is a way of referring to multiple species within the genus Rosa, rather than just one specific species.

However, rose has become a very commercial plant. The types of roses that you may see in perfectly landscaped gardens or in Valentine’s Day bouquets are often heavily sprayed and dipped in chemicals. This is to keep them looking vibrant and fresh along their often very long journey from greenhouse, to plane, to truck, to florist, and then to your vase.

So before you go ahead and pluck the rose petals from your Valentine's Day bouquet to dry and smoke, make sure your flowers are organic. Rose petals (and any herbs and flowers, for that matter) must be organic or cultivated without chemicals to ensure a safe smoke.

Personally though, I wouldn’t smoke Valentine’s Day roses even if they were organic. Those varieties of roses are bred specifically for appearance, so I’d just enjoy them in their vase and enjoy other varieties in my joint.

Some species of roses with great smokable petals are:

Damask Rose Rosa damascena

Beach Rose Rosa rugosa

Dog Rose Rosa canina


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