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Puff Into The Present Moment

To lose yourself in the performance of your smoking ritual is to enter a meditative state. You don’t always need to remain still in order to find stillness inside. By focusing on the movements of your hands, appreciating the beauty of the herbs you’re working with, and feeling the smoke guide your spirit, you’re quieting your mind and being truly here. You’re allowing the herbs to assist you in this moment, which is a moment just for you. This is the meaning behind our tagline and zine title, “Puff Into The Present Moment."

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Signature Songs To Smoke To

a psychedelic, shimmery, & dreamy AF playlist

tune in

Sleepy Songs To Smoke To

an airy, astral & ethereal playlist

drift off

Stimulating Songs To Smoke To

a lively, energizing, & funky AF playlist

boogie down

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