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Herbal Cigarettes

filtered and tobacco-free herbal smokes

Herbal Spliffs

spliffs of our herbal smoking blends with CBD hemp flower


herbal smoking blends for rolling solo or mixing with other plants

As seen in

"Puff Herbals sell smokable mixes of herbs...that can be mixed with weed for a milder spliff."

"[Puff Herbals] has created the perfect herbal pre-rolls"

"...using ingredients cultivated at a single Massachusetts farm. That sort of controlled supply chain means something"

"Lian started Puff Herbal[s] as a way to advocate herbalism for smokers of all plants"

"Boutique herbal smokes, pre-formulated for you by a trained herbalist."

"Lian is passionate about making herbalism fun for people."

"Founded on the belief that smoking can be a vital part of a holistic wellness practice"

"[Lian] calls cannabis a gateway to herbalism. At this point, I'd be inclined to agree."