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Light Your Fire: Smokable Aphrodisiacs

Smoking is literally sexy with these 3 herbal aphrodisiacs. Let's light up and get down (to it):

Blue Lotus Nymphaea caerulea

smokable aphrodisiac herb blue lotus

Containing compounds that active dopamine receptors, blue lotus was an integral part of sexual ceremonies among the ancient Egyptians. Inducing a calm and dreamy euphoria, blue lotus making coming together fun.

We don't have blue lotus in any of our blends (yet), but we recommend adding this sensual flower to our Sleepy Smoke blend for getting extra lost in the moment.


Damiana Turnera diffusa

smokable aphrodisiac herb damiana

Awakening your sense of touch, damiana emanates a warm and fuzzy body high. This smokable herb diffuses sensitivity to the periphery and pleasure centers of the body as its latin name, "Turnera diffusa," implies.

Damiana is a euphoric aphrodisiac and the primary base herb of our Signature Collection. High in a terpene called cadinene, damiana brings woodsy, full-bodied flavor to smoke and makes bringing full bodies together feel extra good.


Rose Petals Rosa spp.

smokable aphrodisiac herb rose petals

A flower soaking wet in symbolism, rose literally helps you get down to it by helping your body feel settled. Rose gives rise to desire, among other things...

Rose is a nervine with an affinity for the heart, allowing you to open up to yourself, a partner, or partners for an easy going time. The petals are also what's known as an exhilarant, giving way to a vivacious mood.

Before you go ahead and dry the rose petals from your Valentine's Day bouquet, make sure your flowers are organic. Rose petals (and any herbs, for that matter) must be organic or cultivated without chemicals to ensure a safe smoke.

You can make anything you smoke a blend with rose with our organic rose petal cones: empty smoking cones made of red rose petals that are ready to fill with herbs of your choosing. Rose pairs very well with damiana, so we recommend filling these rose cones with our Signature Smoke blend to up your floral friskiness.

Wanna get even more in the mood? Put on our Sultry Songs To Smoke To playlist before lighting up and getting down.


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