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Smokable Herbs You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Some of the most flavorful and effective herbal smoking blends can be made at home with herbs that you probably have in your kitchen right now. When added to your smoking blends, these 3 common culinary herbs pack a punch: 

Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis

smoking rosemary leaves and flowers

For an uplifting afternoon pick-me-up, add a pinch of rosemary to your smoking blend. Rosemary is circulatory stimulant, which means it's a very uplifting, stimulating smokable herb that helps you feel alert and focused. Rosemary has a pretty strong pine-like flavor, which means that you don't need much to make your smoke really pop.

Both rosemary leaves and rosemary flowers are smokable, which means you can use the package of cuttings from the store in your fridge as well as the plant on your windowsill. The leaves will be stronger in both flavor and effect than the flowers.

Sage Salvia officinalis

smoking sage herb

Known for bringing crisp, punchy flavor to stuffing, sage does the same for smoking blends. Another stimulating smokable herb, sage promotes the flow of energy and ideas while also helping to ease feelings of burnout. This is why we've formulated sage into our Stimulating Collection: minty herbal smoking blends to help you get on it and feel good.

Sage is a warming herb that helps you digest dietary fat, and this same warming action helps to get your blood moving when smoked. Mentally, this helps you get moving with clarity on thoughts or ideas you may feel stuck on, or to release mindsets that may no longer be serving you.

Chamomile Matricaria recutita

smoking chamomile tea bags

It's not necessarily a culinary herb, but there's a good chance that you have some chamomile tea in your cupboard right now. And while you want to be careful when ripping open and smoking chamomile tea bags, chamomile is a flavorful and versatile smokable herb for sleep, calming nerves, upset stomachs, and menstrual discomfort.

Subtle, sweet, and floral, chamomile soothes restless energy so you’ll feel snug just being still. This is why we've formulated chamomile into our Sleepy Collection: lavender herbal smoking blends to help you chill and prepare for drift off.

And don't forget! Before you get out the cutting board and start chopping, herbs need to be dried before you can smoke them or else they won't stay lit. So think of it like meal-prepping but for smoking, and plan ahead.


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