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Herbs For Smoking Blend Bases

When crafting an herbal smoking blend, you’ll first want to start with a base of herbs that smoke well. This base can either be one single herb or a blend in and of itself, and will typically be anywhere between 50-75% of your smoking blend. Here are some good herbs for smoking blend bases:

Damiana Turnera diffusa


Damiana calms nervous tension and has a pleasant, woodsy taste. Its leaves retain a good amount of oil content once dried, making for a smooth smoke. Damiana emanates a warm, fuzzy, and mildly euphoric feeling when smoked.*

Damiana is one of the base herbs in our Signature Collection of woodsy plants & petals.


Hemp flower Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa
cannabis hemp flower


Hemp flower can be either stimulating or sedating based on the strain, dose, and your individual constitution. Hemp smokes very well due to resinous trichomes, and contains CBD and other cannabinoids.*

We've formulated specific strains of hemp flower to complement each of our herbal blends in our pre-rolls.

Marshmallow leaf Althaea officinalis
marshmallow plant


Marshmallow leaf is a moistening herb that adds smoothness to your smoke, but doesn’t have much flavor or body to it. Pair marshmallow leaf with some of the other base herbs listed here.*

Marshmallow leaf is in the base blend of all of our herbal smoking blends and pre-rolls for added smoothness.


Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris


Mugwort is a calming herb with fluffiness that helps to hold smoking blends together. It's best to smoke blends with mugwort at night since it can help you stay asleep and make your dream more vivid.*

Mugwort is one of the base herbs in our Sleepy Collection of sweet weeds & lavender.


Mullein Verbascum thapsus


Soothing to the respiratory system, mullein should be blended into anything you smoke. Mullein has fluffiness that helps to hold smoking blends together, but like marshmallow it doesn’t have much flavor or body to it. Pair mullein with some of these other base herbs.*

Mullein leaf is in the base blend of all of our herbal smoking blends and pre-rolls.


Raspberry leaf Rubus idaeus
red raspberry


Red raspberry leaf becomes fluffy once dried which helps to hold together your smoking blend. An astringent herb, raspberry leaf is tonifying and adds body to smoking blends with a bit of sweetness.*

Raspberry leaf is one of the base herbs in our Stimulating Collection of mint blossom & greenery.


For educational purposes only. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbs, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications.

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