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Smoking Chamomile: What It's Like To Toke Your Tea

Common herbs are often overlooked. We tend to take it for granted that certain herbs are always available at the grocery store. You might think that since they're so readily available, they must not affect us that strongly, right?

Turns out many of the most common herbs are pretty powerful, especially when smoked! One smokable herb that you can probably find in your kitchen cabinet right now is chamomile.

When most people think of chamomile, they think “oh that’s for sleep!” Growing up, we always had a box of chamomile tea in the cupboard with a sleeping bear in pajamas on the front. This made it pretty obvious that chamomile makes you sleepy, and to drink it at night.

And it's true! Chamomile is probably my favorite herb for falling asleep and STAYING asleep, but it can do so much more than that. And despite the fact that chamomile is so common, it’s one of the strongest herbs I know.

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So let’s start with sleep. Adding chamomile to your herbal smoke blend is a fantastic way to relax at night. It has a pretty strong calming action on your muscles, quieting down any twitchiness or restlessness you may be feeling. You’ll feel comfortable just being still, which is key for falling asleep!

This calming action affects your nerves too. Do you feel like your mind is “buzzing” at night, and you can’t get it to stop? Chamomile in your smoke can quiet that right down.

Chamomile isn’t only just for sleep though, and working with chamomile during the day won’t necessarily make you fall right asleep either (although it can make you realize how tired you actually are). Chamomile’s calming action also has quite the affinity for the lower gut region of the body. This makes chamomile a great herbal ally for combating things like upset stomachs and menstrual discomfort.

Ever feel that you have a knot in your stomach, or that your stomach is tied up in knots? This is a common way that worry and nervousness can manifest physically in the body, and chamomile can help! Chamomile eases emotional upset that sinks down into the pit of your stomach. Its calming action once again comes into play here as it unties the tension of those knots. 

This also makes chamomile helpful for picky eaters and people that experience stress around food and eating. Mix chamomile in with your cannabis, and you’ll probably find yourself with the munchies in no time!

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What’s nice about smoking chamomile is that you’ll feel the effects almost instantly. I personally need a couple cups of chamomile tea to feel the same way, but then I’ll most likely have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, which can kinda defeat the whole purpose.

When mixing chamomile into your smoke, leave the flowers whole if they’re whole. If they’re already broken up like how they are in most bagged chamomile tea, you can sprinkle the little bits into your blend (just be sure to use a filter). If you do rip open bagged chamomile tea, it's important that you're working with organic chamomile and that it's not mixed with any other herbs (this depends, but best to play it safe to start and work with chamomile only). It's also important that your chamomile isn't so fine that it's powder, so go for the bigger pieces.

Start out with chamomile being about a quarter of your herbal smoking blend, see how you like it, and then you can go from there in terms of playing around with ratios.

After going to herb school and learning about so many different herbs from all over the world, chamomile is still one of my all-time favorites and one I reach for regularly. Common? Yes. Effective AF? Yes!

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