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Smoking Chamomile: What It's Like To Toke Your Tea

We all know the tea, but smoking chamomile?

That's right! Chamomile can also be smoked to help you relax and unwind. And despite the fact that it's so common, chamomile is one of the strongest herbs I know, especially when you smoke it.

Here I explain just how chamomile is calming and makes you want to sleep, how to smoke chamomile correctly, and whether it's safe to rip open and smoke a chamomile tea bag. Let's get into it!

Calming Effects of Smoking Chamomile


When most people think of chamomile, they think “oh that’s for sleep!” and it's true! Chamomile is probably my favorite herb for falling asleep and STAYING asleep so let’s start there.

Adding chamomile to your herbal smoke blend is a great way to relax at night. It has a pretty strong calming action on your muscles, quieting down any twitchiness or restlessness you may be feeling. You’ll feel comfortable just being still, which is key for falling asleep!

Sleepy herbal smoking blends with chamomile, lavender, and mugwort

This calming action affects your nerves too. Do you feel like your mind is “buzzing” at night, and you can’t get it to stop? Chamomile in your smoke can quiet that right down.

A common misconception about chamomile is that it will MAKE you fall asleep. While it can make you realize how tired you actually are, smoking an herbal blend with chamomile during the day can do so much more than that.

Stomach Stuff and Menstrual Discomfort

Chamomile’s calming action has quite the affinity for the lower gut region of the body. This makes chamomile a great herbal ally for combating things like upset guts and menstrual discomfort.

Ever feel that you have a knot in your stomach, or that your stomach is tied up in knots? This is a common way that worry and nervousness can manifest physically in the body, and smoking chamomile can help!

Chamomile eases emotional upset that sinks down into the pit of your stomach. Its calming action once again comes into play here as it unties the tension of those knots. 

This also makes chamomile helpful for picky eaters and people that experience stress around food and eating. Mix chamomile in with your cannabis, and you’ll probably find yourself with the munchies in no time!

How to Smoke Chamomile

smoking chamomile flowers

When smoking chamomile, you ideally want to be working with whole chamomile flowers. This is what we prefer in our chamomile smoking blends, but you can also break/grind them up into little bits and sprinkle them throughout your blend.

If you do grind up the flowers and roll them into an herbal joint, just be sure to use a filter so you don't accidentally inhale them.

Chamomile is a supportive, flavorful herb that is meant to be added to a smoking blend and not comprise the entirety of it. If you were to smoke a joint or bowl of nothing but chamomile, it would be way too harsh. You need a smoking blend base in which to add chamomile to. 

Start out with chamomile being about a quarter of your herbal smoking blend, see how you like it in terms of flavor and effects, and then you can go from there and play around with ratios.

Can You Smoke the Chamomile in Tea Bags?

It depends. Some chamomile tea bags are really high quality with whole flowers, while others are more powdery chamomile "shake" with stems and leaves. Avoid smoking these "shake" tea bags. 

It's important that your chamomile isn't so fine that it's powder, so go for the bigger pieces. In general, you want to avoid smoking powder and go for whole chamomile flowers whenever possible.

If you do rip open bagged chamomile tea, make sure it's organic chamomile and that it's not mixed with any other herbs (this depends, but best to play it safe to start and work with chamomile only).

Avoid smoking chamomile tea bags with "natural flavors" added. Natural flavors can be a combination of both natural and artificial ingredients, and manufacturers aren't required to disclose these due to trade secret laws. Plus some people can have allergic reactions to these ingredients, so best to stay away.

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For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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