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Zoom Puff Into The Present Moment - a print zine on crafting herbal smoking blends to ease anxiety

Puff Into The Present Moment

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A print zine that explores anxiety from a clinical herbalist's perspective and offers insight into working with herbs through smoke. Written by clinical herbalist and Puff Herbals founder, Lian Bruno, the zine identifies common mental and physical manifestations of anxiety and guides readers in crafting their own herbal smoking blends to ease these symptoms.*


Free shipping on all orders $49+!


🔸️ Introduction
🔸️ Anxiety: An Herbalist’s Perspective
🔸️ Nervine Herbs
🔸️ Why Smoke Herbs?
🔸️ Mullein: A Smoker’s Best Friend
🔸️ Cannabis Considerations
🔸️ Herbs For Smoking Blend Bases
🔸️ Manifestations of Anxiety: Mental (8)
🔸️ Manifestations of Anxiety: Physical (7)

30 pages

5.5 x 8.5 inches


For educational purposes only. The information discussed in this book is not to be construed as medical advice.

Puff Into The Present Moment



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