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Creative Spark Smoke Ritual

We joined forces with herb witch Denise of Quiet Coven to bring you this smoke ritual to encourage creative energy and spark inspiration. In winter, it’s tempting to burrow down under cozy blankets with a cup of tea and let your creativity hibernate, so we crafted this ritual to shake off stagnancy and generate seeds of inspiration that can sprout come springtime! Our Stimulating blends are the perfect accompaniment for this ritual, as crisp and motivating herbs like sage, holy basil, and peppermint promote the flow of energy and ideas.

This is a guest post written by Denise Ginley of Quiet Coven: 


- Puff Herbals Stimulating Spliffs or Smoke
- A Light Blue or Yellow Candle
- An inspiring, invigorating incense like lemongrass, cinnamon, or clove
- A Crystal with properties of inspiration or mental clarity like Fluorite, Citrine, Garnet, or the universal use crystal, - Clear Quartz
- Your journal, grimoire, or sketchbook 


Create a ritual space, turn on your favorite inspiring music (we recommend our Stimulating Songs To Smoke To playlist), light some candles on your altar, arrange your favorite high energy crystals, make your ritual space whatever you like!

Creative Spark Smoke Ritual
Place the blue or yellow candle in the center of your space and light it while saying, “Let my creativity burn bright and steady like this flame.”

Hold the herbal smoke in your preferred smoking hand and the crystal you selected in the other hand. Hold both in the light of the candle and envision them being filled and empowered with creative energy. Try to actually see the energy flowing into them from the candle.

Creative Spark Smoke Ritual
Bring the crystal to your forehead, close to your creative center, and as you hold it there envisioning its creative energy flowing into you and mingling with your own spark of inspiration, light the herbal smoke from your blue or yellow candle.

Creative Spark Smoke Ritual
Bring the lit smoke to your lips and as you take the first inhale, see in your mind’s eye the creative energy from the smoke entering your body and filling you with inspiration. Hold that Stimulating smoke in for a beat, absorbing all that creative energy, then exhale, releasing all your stagnancy and any hindrances to creation, allowing them to flow away from you. Set the crystal down near your sketchbook.

Creative Spark Smoke Ritual
Now, as you smoke the rest of the herbal roll, you can journal or sketch, whichever better suits your practice and style of creation. Consider using this prompt: “A time when I experienced great awe.”

Awe, wonder, and amazement are great sources of inspiration, so focusing on a time you were overtaken by the beauty or wonder of something is a perfect way to get your creativity flowing! Be sure to journal or sketch until the joint is fully smoked.

Allow the candle to burn down on your altar or in your ritual space to imbue your whole home with creative, inspiring energy! Go out there and make something amazing!

Denise Ginley is the herb witch of Quiet Coven, casting spells, rituals, and herbal enchantments in the City of Dreams. She believes you carry the power of every witch that came before you, and exists to help you bring that power out into the world. You can shop her herbal loose incense, oils, and balms here.


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