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Puff Herbals Founder Joins the Cosmic Sisterhood

A growing number of talented women are expanding our understanding of psychedelics in the world today. By presenting at psychedelic events, publishing articles, authoring books, leading scientific research, creating works of art, preserving and evolving precious spiritual traditions, these women are balancing and enriching the conversation.

Cosmic Sister, an environmental feminist collective that supports female thought leaders and emerging voices in the psychedelic field, is influencing the movement by raising the voices of talented women through high-profile presentation grants and awards that amplify their visibility.

“Women from all walks of life are tapping into this current of change and reaching out to us from around the world,” says Cosmic Sister founder Zoe Helene, who coined the term Psychedelic Feminism.

“We’ve been pitching, placing, sponsoring, and promoting female speakers for just shy of six years because access and inclusion shape the trajectory of this global revolution. Leadership should reflect that exquisite diversity.”

Cosmic Sister offers an interconnected quartet of merit-based Psychedelic Feminism educational advocacy grants, including the Cosmic Sister Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance (CS WPR) grant for presentation and the Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award (CS EVA), which increases visibility for talented women in psychedelics and cannabis who work tirelessly in behind-the-scenes roles, as well as newcomers who bring unique voice and talent to the movement.

Puff Herbals founder, Lian Bruno, was a recipient of the Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award in October 2020, a little over one year after founding the business. 

Read the award announcement for Lian here.

Read the full press release, along with the list of all award recipients, here.


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