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Cann-dy Cane Herbal Smoking Blend Recipe

The festival of Yule begins each year on the winter solstice, December 21st, and runs until the first day of the new year, January 1st. The Yuletide season is one of plant magic as many people incorporate plants into their rituals, such as bringing evergreen trees indoors to act as the centerpiece of their celebrations.

Evergreens are associated with prosperity, life, and renewal. While most other plants this time of year have died back, evergreen are just that, ever green! As the winter solstice marks the darkest day of the year, it also marks the return of light, longer days, and eventual rebirth of the land. 

This is also a time of year where you start seeing peppermint everything, including candy canes. The sharp, cooling nature of peppermint mimics the brisk cold of winter and cuts through the traditionally heavy food enjoyed this time of year.

In this recipe, we wanted to pay tribute to peppermint's place in Yuletide delights, as well as make it feel like you're actually smoking a Christmas tree. When selecting your cannabis or hemp flower, we recommend strains high in pinene as this will give the blend a nice evergreen flavor.



Puff Herbals Cann-dy Cane Herbal Smoking Blend Recipe


- 1 parts cannabis or hemp flower

- 2 parts peppermint

- 1 part mullein

- 1/2 part holy basil/tulsi

- 1/4 part rosemary

Alternatively: Just add cannabis/hemp and rosemary to our Stimulating Smoke loose-leaf blend.


1. Grind cannabis/hemp, peppermint, mullein, holy basil together. OR add ground cannabis/hemp to our Stimulating Smoke loose-leaf blend.

2. Break apart and sprinkle in rosemary with your fingers.

3. Add blend to your rolling papers or bowl.

4. Enjoy while taking the time off your deserve.


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