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6 Herbs To Enhance Your Next Psychedelic Trip

This article was written by Puff Herbals founder, Lian Bruno, for DoubleBlind. Read the full article here!

Psychedelics set you on a journey, one that many take in search of profound bliss, heightened awareness, and a restored spirit. But like with any journey, sometimes it’s a good idea to bring a buddy along in case you stumble and need a hand. At times you may feel on top of the world, seeing for miles, while other times you may feel stuck in deep mud or stranded at dizzying heights without warning.

Trip sitters typically remain sober to keep an eye on trippers and to make sure they stay safe. They act as trip guardians, taking care of things like safe dosage, reminders to hydrate, preventing accidents, and handling emergencies.

While physical safety is essential during any psychedelic experience— whether it be shrooms, LSD, or something more obscure—sitters can also take a more active role as a kind of mental tour-guide: steering a person’s trip toward certain, intentional states of being and away from negative, distressing ones.

This is where working with herbs can really help. Herbs can be powerful, yet gentle, allies in helping to frame a tripping mindset. Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbs won’t necessarily extinguish challenging and uncomfortable thoughts completely. But what they can do is present those thoughts in a different light to make them more digestible and keep you moving forward.

Whether you’re the journeyer or the sitter helping to guide the psychedelic experience, read on to learn which herbs can be valuable allies to have on-hand during a trip: