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5 Signs You Need To Smoke Herbs

We get it - you may be skeptical about smoking herbs. Maybe you smoke weed on its own already, or maybe you're not sure if herbs can really do it for you like tobacco does. But hear us out and see if you identify with these 5 signs that you definitely need to smoke herbs.

1. You like to smoke when you drink but would rather not smoke tobacco.

If you’re one of the many people who answer the question, “Do you smoke?” with, “Only when I drink,” then you need to smoke herbs! Let’s face it, the act of smoking is super pleasant ESPECIALLY when you're drinking, but smoking addictive and gross nicotine isn’t. Choosing to smoke herbs instead can help ensure that your occasional smoking treats stay that way.

2. You like to smoke weed but it makes you anxious. 

Being high is great…until it isn’t. Anxiety and paranoia are two of the top negative "side" effects reported by cannabis smokers. If you feel this way too then you need to add herbs to your weed! Our loose-leaf smoking herbs are all formulated with herbs that ward off worry and tension so you can unwind at 4:20pm without having to stress.

3. You smoke tobacco but you want to quit. 

Quitting is hard, but herbs can make it easier! Rolling your own with our loose-leaf blends lets you control how much tobacco you’re smoking, and our tobacco-free herbal cigarettes allow you to step out for your stress-relieving ritual if you’re short on time.

4. You want relief from occasional anxiety.

Working with herbs through smoke is a fantastic way to calm down NOW. What’s nice about smoking herbs is that you'll feel the effects almost immediately. Instant effect = instant relief!

5. You work at a place where you get extra breaks if you smoke.

Smokers tend to get extra breaks at work that non-smokers don’t get. If you don’t want to smoke tobacco cigarettes but want those extra breaks too then you need to smoke herbs! Our herbal cigarettes will smell different (better, actually), but at quick glance your boss won’t be able to tell the difference!

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